10 delicious and popular desserts in Turkey

Everyone who has spent some time in Turkey knows that Turkish cuisine is very diverse and, of course, delicious. History shows that Turkish people usually use any food they use to make delicious and appetizing dishes and desserts. If you are a fan of Turkish dishes and desserts, join us in Kajaro so that we can introduce you 10 of the most famous desserts in Turkey.


The principle of this dessert is the Palestine country, and it is a food made of specialty sweets. Cheeses are melting, including substances that add to its ease. Usually this dessert is served with a vanilla ice cream scoop.

باقلوا (Baklava)

In many parts of Turkey, this popular dessert serves as a snack during the day or a dessert after a main meal. This delicious dessert is made up of several layers of special pastry paste (made from wheat flour) and concentrated syrup (nectar) and filled with hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts or pistachios.


Ashore, also known as the Noah’s Pudding, is made on special days of Muharram, the Sunnis in Turkey make it 10-15 Muharrams because they believe that on the 10th day of Muharram, Noah’s ship arrived on the beach And the followers of that Prophet mingled everything that they did and made something similar to Ashoora, and they were made available to everyone, and the reason for this naming is the same. This pudding is a kind of anniversary of the Turkish people during these days. The ingredients of this dessert are pistachios, almonds, fruits and grains.



This dessert is made up of a western version, made from puff pastry stuffed with cream (cream) and chocolate covered on it.

لقمه (Lokma)


Used as a sweet snack or dessert. They are small pieces of dough that is well fried and covered with a thick and sweet syrup. Mistletoe is widely known as a popular street food in Turkey, and is often sold by vendors in big cities such as Istanbul.

Tavuk Göğsü

This dessert, which in the Turkish language means chicken breasts, is interesting for many people, because it consists of podding that has milk and chicken. This food is popular for many years in the Ottoman Sultans, and is one of the puddings worth checking out.

پودینگ برنج (Sütlaç)

This dessert, one of Turkey’s most popular desserts, is very similar to its western example. This rice pudding is decorated with cinnamon and is also found in most restaurants and cafes.


The dessert is a kind of ice cream, but the taste and concentration of traditional Turkish ice cream are different from those found in the West. The best example of ice cream belongs to the Mara area, which is very concentrated and does not get water! When you are in the streets of Istanbul, be sure to look for traditional ice cream and enjoy their enjoyment.


The dessert in the word means the bottom of the pot or the pot, and the reason for this is browned or brown sugar that contains the pudding outer layer. This pudding is usually served with ice cream, be sure to try it.