Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turkey give citizenship to all those who have temporary residence?

No. Turkey allows all people living here to obtain temporary residence, but to allow citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen, investing $ 1 million, buying property and staying for 5 consecutive years in Turkey. Otherwise, you will only be entitled to a one-year temporary residence permision.

Is it possible for a foreign citizen with a property purchase to have legal document for his apartment?

Yes. According to the current laws of Turkey, after acquiring a foreign citizen’s property, he can own compeletly right property that he can legally receive from the Alanya Registry Office . Also, keep in mind that the property certificate just can be issued only in this government office organization.

What is the estimated cost of living in Turkey per month?

Livelihood costs such as food, clothing, and current costs are much cheaper and more cost-effective than Iran, but are not comparable to Iran in terms of quality.

Is Turkey a safe place for life for A foreign citizen?

Turkey has a very high level of security, as you know, Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance and NATO military forces are stationed in Turkish military bases. An annual presence of 80 million tourists shows the high level of security in Turkey.